Walk Away

I tried too hard, so very hard, I tried to make a change 
When all along, inside my heart was where the war was waged 
I blamed my brother & I blamed myself & the fire it raged 
From this never ending tragedy yes I must walk away 

We’re the seeds of our mother, each man is our brother 
Our work is to uncover the power of each other 
And fear not for we can know the web of life sustains 
It’s a never ending ebb & flow, & no ego remains 

It’s a beautiful design, it’s cosmic DNA 
Perfection inter woven, unique, yet just the same 

Words may ask the questions 
Yet beyond resides the lessons 
There’s no time to delay & I must walk this way 

The catch is Zen, the outward path will lead to within 
And out again, begin to end, & back within again 

It’s dizzying, nonsensical & incomprehensible 
walk away & go within & walk your way again 

Life is too sad to work for the bad 
Those broken hearts design the wrath 
It’s in plain view & clear as day 
Do the math & don’t look back 
Just pull the plug & walk away