Jazza Ma Taz

Don’t you wonder why things are as they are 

Gone asunder gone way to far 

If we only knew 

Wouldn’t we do it  differently 

I am here to say that there is another way 

It only goes to show  they don’t want us to know 

That we are sheep to the slaughter 

And a horse won’t drink the water 


Come down to earth 

What is life really worth 

Every breath we take 

Might as well be for goodness sake 

You don’t have to believe his story 

No, you don’t have to believe his story 

We’re just people trying to make our way 

Just trying to live our lives day to day 


There’s no one out to get you 

Only a shadow of our imagination 

Exclusion is illusion 

So here is my conclusion 

Love is the only way 

Yes, love is the only way 

Only the fool believes the game is real