Into the Wild

Yippie for the hippie & serendipity 
Moonlight’s shining through the piñon trees     um,um,um 
Hear the music ringing clear round the circle of heart 
Sharing life is a living art                                  yea, yea, yea 

Aurora Borealis, the mystic & the Chalice 
And Mother Nature’s palace takes the edge off the callus  u yea 
Under the stars, far away from the cars 
You can see so very far                                                 yea, yea 

   Oh body carry me beyond reality 
   Into the wild we go 
   Life is for learning & soul is the journey 
   On beyond the known 

You can’t hold on to what you see 
You gotta let it go to let it be                                       um,um 
I’m telling you & you’re telling me 
We’re just a bunch of monkeys wanting to be free    yea, yea 

At the very top of this piñon tree 
Was a beautiful little Chickadee                                 u yea 
Singing from his heart this melody 
We’re all part of this community                                yea, yea, yea 

   Oh body carry me beyond reality  
   Into the wild we go  
   Life is for learning & soul is the journey  
​   On beyond the known 

Yea, Yippie for the hippie