Heavy Load

I can see it in your eyes 

It must have been that debt you owed 

Signed on the line between the lies 

Now you’re carrying this heavy load 

It’s a world of trouble from dust to dust 

Stirring it up on down the road 

It’s useless stuff all turned to rust 

Still we’re carrying this heavy load 

   Oh oh well don’t you know 

   We’re carrying a heavy load 

   From way back in the days of old 

   We’ve been carrying this heavy load 

Why are we carrying this grief & sorrow 

Is it due to some unwritten code 

There’s no past, there’s no tomorrow 

Still we’re carrying this heavy load 

Um let your voice be heard 

Down in your neighborhood 

Sing the truth just like a bird 

Unleash your feeling like you know you should 

     Oo I love sweet harmonies Smiling in & smiling out 

     Let’s sing some more sweet harmonies That’s what it’s all about 

You may have plenty, yet you may want more 

You’re carrying a heavy load 

Be you rich or be you poor 

You’re carrying a heavy load 

I just can’t stand it anymore 

For we are reaping just what we sowed 

But emerging from my very core 

I’m letting go of this heavy load