"Bob Slaughter, prolific songwriter, poet, artist in many regards. We play tracks from his last 2 albums, We Are Water & The River Knows, & love them very much." John Brown (Program Director at Wimberley Valley Radio) 

Bob Slaughter dwells in the hills west of Austin. He is a prolific songwriter & a dynamic solo performer as well as fronting his band Laughing Waters, advocating for peace, social harmony & reverence for our Mother Earth, penning poetic perspectives of conscious possibilities for our planetary situation, woven in musical & harmonious complexities. People of all persuasions enjoy Bob's one love lyrical expression. 

Bob has recorded 4 albums: 
"Bob Here Now" - 2009 
"Leap of Faith" - 2011 released in tandem with his book "Meanderings in Symbiotic Reality" 
"The River Knows" - 2014 
"We Are Water" - 2017 

His recordings boast the talents of Brandon Aly and Brad Houser of the New Bohemians, fiddle & guitar extraordinaire Erik Hokkanen, trumpet master Oliver Steck, smooth sax-man & flautist Ponder East, magic fingers mandolin man Billy Bright, the legendary Lloyd Maines, Baltimore bass man Mark Sebly & the beautiful harmonies of Andrea Whaley & Sarah McSweeney. 

Bob is producing approximately 30 new songs & will begin releasing singles once a month beginning in the spring of 2019, releasing EPs every 9 months or so. The first EP in this series "The World Passes By" will be released in the summer of 2019.


Back in the Day:

From garage bands of the 60s, to the back to the land movement of the 70s, exodus from Dallas - organic gardening, solar energy experiments, hippy community, midwifery, babies. As Bob carried his guitar into the woods, reggae emerged as the conscious musical expression for the people of the world. As the new millennium unfolded, an eclectic reality blossomed into vast musical genres & fusions. And music, still as much as ever, is the weapon of choice, continuing to express universal truths & sounding the call for conscious change. And the back beat of reggae still courses through the vanes of Bob's music.


Bob Slaughter

Bob Slaughter